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Summer 2010

I can honestly announce the end of summer 2010.

This summer has been a little bit interesting with me failing my senior year, and my cousin coming for a visit after being 7 years in the U.S. As much as i don’t feel like talking about it, i can truly say that this summer has been descent, i got to meet Rebecca again and spend some quality time with her; not to mention the fun we had going out with my friends; Specially the one of a kind trip that i had to River Aasi here in Lebanon which included a Rafting Session for 2 and a half hours with two extreme waterfalls one of 2 meters and another for 7. It was definitely one hell of an adventurous yet extremely safe journey with continuous Adrenaline Rushes . (will post a blog about the rafting trip soon)


BUMMER, school starts in 3 days and i’m not excited at all, i switched to Economics-Based Classes instead of Scientific, hopefully it’s for the best.

Now concerning by YouTube channel, i won’t be able to upload as much videos as i used to do last year cause i should be focusing more on my studies and get to university next year.

Anyhow, i won’t stop answering your questions on FormSpring and i will make sure that i’ll keep updating you guys on twitter and here (=

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