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September 18, 2010 3 comments

Before i start talking about this trip, i can honestly say that i haven’t discovered half of what’s in Lebanon.

The trip started from Beirut where we took the bus (along with everyone else who wanted to go with the “Adventures in Lebanon” group) And got to meet friendly people with an adventurous spirit. more precisely, a girl, Sophie from England or whatever, who seemed to be nice and enjoying the adventure until her latest blog on WordPress explaining how bad and uninteresting the trip was; not to mention how she described Lebanon as the country with hashish fields and extremely bad smells. As much as her description was mainly focused on the bad side of our country, nobody cared.

Long story short, our group had a blast. Rafting was an awesome experience for everyone, our boat would loose control from time to time cause we couldn’t really control it but with time we learned the techniques & got hold of it . & in the end everything went well, we were prepared for the two big waterfalls, the first one was only 2 meters but the second was 7 meters which was a little bit challenging at first, but everything went smooth & there were no injuries due to the protection gear we were obliged to wear.

Picture #1 : first waterfall (2 meters)

Picture #2 : second waterwall (7 meters)

After all, this was an indescribable journey full of fun and adventure, it taught us a lot and i would definitely recommend it to everyone. Not to mention the breath-taking views on the road trip and the beauty of Aasi River, definitely recommended for anyone who’s into photography too.

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Summer 2010

September 18, 2010 Leave a comment

I can honestly announce the end of summer 2010.

This summer has been a little bit interesting with me failing my senior year, and my cousin coming for a visit after being 7 years in the U.S. As much as i don’t feel like talking about it, i can truly say that this summer has been descent, i got to meet Rebecca again and spend some quality time with her; not to mention the fun we had going out with my friends; Specially the one of a kind trip that i had to River Aasi here in Lebanon which included a Rafting Session for 2 and a half hours with two extreme waterfalls one of 2 meters and another for 7. It was definitely one hell of an adventurous yet extremely safe journey with continuous Adrenaline Rushes . (will post a blog about the rafting trip soon)


BUMMER, school starts in 3 days and i’m not excited at all, i switched to Economics-Based Classes instead of Scientific, hopefully it’s for the best.

Now concerning by YouTube channel, i won’t be able to upload as much videos as i used to do last year cause i should be focusing more on my studies and get to university next year.

Anyhow, i won’t stop answering your questions on FormSpring and i will make sure that i’ll keep updating you guys on twitter and here (=

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